Slaps 5% RECHARGABLE Disposable Device - 4500Puffs - 10 Pack

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Brand : Slaps
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Aloe Grape
40 in stock
Frozen Peach
26 in stock
Frozen Strawberry Watermelon
34 in stock
Lush Freeze
28 in stock
Mixed Berries
37 in stock
Pink Lemonade
8 in stock
Red Bang
4 in stock
Strawberry Banana
24 in stock
Strawberry Dessert
24 in stock
Watermelon Guava
34 in stock

Slaps takes a unique approach at disposable vapes by designing a device with a different feel and look. The compact design fits comfortably in the hand while still delivering a smooth and flavorful vape. At the bottom of the vape is an adjustable airflow lever paired with a micro USB port for recharging. The Slaps Disposable Vape is made with 5% salt nicotine e-juice and holds 12.0 mL of liquid. Vapers can expect up to 4500 puffs per device.

12.0 ML ejuice capacity per e-cigarette
5% Nicotine by weight (50mg/mL)
Approximately 4500 Puffs per device
Made with salt nicotine
Rechargeable Micro USB
Draw-activation firing mechanism


Aloe Grape
The best-tasting, natural aloe grape flavor out there! A slight hint of mint aftertaste will leave you refreshed, while the grape flavoring won’t linger too long.

Iced Peach
One of Slaps’ most popular flavors, you’re sure to fall in love with this flavorful peach concoction, topped with a refreshing mint aftertaste.

Lush Ice
Looking for something refreshing and the perfect summertime vape? Lush Ice blends traditional mint flavors with a slight hint of watermelon.

Mixed Berries
This tasty blend of dark berries is capped off with a slight hint of mint and a sweet aftertaste.

Pink Lemonade
Chill out on that hot summer day with this rich pink lemonade blend finished off with a hint of mint. After all, what good is a glass of pink lemonade without some ice?

Red Bang
Tastes exactly like everyone’s favorite energy drink! Accept no substitute. Only Slaps Disposables has the real Red Bang flavor!

Strawberry Banana
The perfect 50/50 blend of strawberry and banana fruit flavors that will take you back to your favorite diner where you enjoyed a delicious strawberry banana milkshake.

Strawberry Dessert
Got a sweet tooth and craving dessert in the middle of the day? This flavor is the perfect resemblance of strawberry ice cream with a slight hint of custard, topped with a bit of a mint aftertaste.

Package Contents:
10 X Slaps 5% RECHARGABLE Disposable - 4500Puffs

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