Smok NOVO 2 Kit

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7 Color
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7 Color Shell
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7-Color Carbon Fiber
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7-Color Spray
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Novo 2 is the upgraded version of Novo, an advanced draw-activated device! It has been optimized from every detail. With built-in 800mAh battery, longer vaping time is assured. Newly added air-intake grooves on both sides can bring more air in, combining with specially designed pods, cloudy vapor and purer taste can be produced. Also, it has redesigned sensing element to make you enjoy every puff, improved LED indicator to clearly show you accurate device's condition. Innovation keeps changing vaping experience.

Battery Capacity: 800mAh
LED Battery Indicator
Input Voltage: (3.3V - 4.2V)
Charging Current: Max- 0.55A
Overcharge Voltage: 4.3V
Overcharge Current: 1A
Output Wattage: (6-25W)
Charging Voltage: 5V
E-liquid Capacity: 2mL
Resistance of pre-installed Pod: Mesh 1.0ohm

1 x NOVO 2 Device
1 x NOVO 2 Mesh 1.0ohm Pod
1 x NOVO 2 DC 1.4ohm MTL Pod
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

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