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The famous Black &Mild Cigars Original is a top choice for those who love the aroma and taste of pipe tobacco in the easy to handle shape of a cigarillo. Manufactured right here in the USA, these smooth and mellow smokes offer all-around enjoyment to the fragrant-cigar fan or pipe enthusiast on the go.

Black & Mild Wood Tip Wine cigars are machine made with a homogenized wrapper and binder packed with Black Cavendish, and Virginia tobaccos gently infused with a lush wine casing. Value-priced, and available in boxes of 25 and 50, these slim 5 x 29 cigarillos area perfect recommendation for cigar shoppers that enjoy their smokes flavorful and aromatic.

These Black and Mild wine cigars are filled with aromatic pipe tobacco wrapped in a homogenized wrapper and binder. Black and Milds are available in a range of sizes and flavors. They can be enjoyed any time of the day. They’re one of the most popular brands on the market, and for a satisfactory reason. They are great to enjoy a flavorful cigar without having to deal with the harshness that can come with some other brands. If you’re kicked back on the couch or out on the town, Black & Mild Cigar- Regular helps for a little relaxation time.

These cigars are made with a blend of tobacco and create smooth as well as enjoyable smoke perfect for any occasion. The flavor of this cigar is rich and robust. The construction is top-notch, with a perfect burn and draw making it a pleasure to smoke. Whether you’re a seasoned cigar aficionado or a beginner, Black & Mild Cigars- Regular unquestionably fall under the list of prominent cigars.

Available Flavors: Casino, Jazz, Original, Original Wood Tip, Sweets, Sweets Wood Tip, Wine, Wine Wood Tip.

Size: 25 and 50 Count.

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