ALPSVAPE GR8 Replacement Pod - 4 Pack

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ALPSVAPE GR8 Disposable POD:
Suport multi-choice
Tank Capacity:0.5mL
Use for: eliquid, salt nicotine,CBD oil  
Coil style : Ceramicl/Cotton Heating 
Size: 15*7*37.4mm
Feature: Leaking Proof
Coil Resistancer: : 1.5ohm

Compatible with Juul
ceramic coil , PCTG materialo 
0.5mL capacity
Good for e liquid, Salt Nicotine and CBD oil ( thin and thick oil)
Preheat function for thick CBD oil.
The smallest ceramic pod ever, which gives the best flavor:
Simple: Easy to use. No buttons or switches. Just insertthepod to get started.
Clean: Experience freedom from ash and odor. No mess,No fuss.
Satisfying: Designed with smokers in mind. From form totechnology to flavor.

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