Bang XXL 6% Disposable Device | 2000 Puffs - 12 Pack

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BANG XXL are high-end disposable vape that pack delicious flavor within a very high puff yielding device. Each device yields an approximate 2,000 puffs of succulent, fruity or minty ejuice flavor. These high quality, easy-to-carry disposable vapes come in a multitude of various fruit and menthol flavors.

The Bang XXL packs an amazing 2,000 puffs of icy banana ejuice flavor into an easy-to-carry device. With 6ml of frosty banana ejuice and a long-lasting built-in 800mAh battery, this dispoosable was engineered to be long lasting and great tasting. A great way to kick your smoking habit and save money.

Product info:
Flavor: Banana, Menthol
Nicotine strength: 6% (50mg)
Ejuice capacity: 6ml
Approximately 2,000 puffs
Buttonless design
Built-in internal 800 mAh battery

Pack of 12pcs

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