Yogi FARMS SALT E-Liquids - 30ML

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Brand : Yogi
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Pineapple: Yogi Farms SALTS takes exotic pineapples grown on a tropical island, enhanced with powerful nicotine salts to create a deliciously tasty eJuice that will exceed all expectations.

White Grape: Yogi Farms SALTS extracts delicious juice from bunches of white grapes, enhancing the extracted juice with powerful nicotine salts that will invigorate the senses and taste buds.

Green Apple: Yogi Farms SALTS combines the extracted essence of green apples with powerful nicotine salts to create a carefully balanced fruity eJuice that will inspire the senses.

Green Apple on ICE: Yogi Farms SALTS is a nicotine salt mixture enhanced with menthol and tangy green apple flavoring that is sure to delight the senses with such an exquisitely tangy and icy blend.

Pomegranate: Yogi Farms SALTS combines tangy extracted pomegranate juice to be carefully balanced against the strong nicotine salts to create a mouthpuckering fusion that will elevate the senses.

30mL Unicorn Bottle 
Available in 35mg, 50mg

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