Vapetasia NTN SALTS E-Liquids - 30ML

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Brand : Vapetasia
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Experience the same great Vapetasia flavors in your favorite salt nicotine device. Vapetasia offers salt options in nicotine strengths of 12mg, 24mg and 48mg in 30ml bottles.


KILLER FRUITS STRAW GUAW: Allow your taste buds to dance to the medley of sweet strawberries coupled with exotic guava as they create a harmonizing blend of flavor.

KILLER FRUITS BLUE RAZZ: A burst of tart flavor perfectly curated to exceed your expectations. A smooth flavorful inhale of blue raspberry will captivate your tastebuds, you may not want to let it out!

KILLER FRUITS TRAPPLE: An apple a day? How about three! A tasteful blend of red, green and golden apples will leave a crisp taste of delightful fruit for you to enjoy.

ICED STRAW GUAW: Strawberry and Guava lifted up by an encapsulating cool breeze creates a lasting taste of frozen sweetness to mesmerize your taste buds.

ICED BLUE RAZZ: Enjoy the chilled taste of vibrant blue raspberry sweetness as you indulge in the icy delicacy that will surely leave you nothing less than satisfied.

ICED TRAPPLE: Seamlessly blended apples will take your senses by a cold storm of flavor. Red, green and golden apples bond together with ice to create a taste that is hard to let go of.

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