Uwell RAFALE Coil - 4 Pack

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The Uwell Rafale Replacement Coil is utilized in Uwell's latest Dual Parallel Design Coil System, primarily focuses on a dual core embedded with SUS316 Stainless Steel heating elements, allowing for extraordinary flavor and massive amounts of vapor production. The SUS316 core is surrounded by a sleeve of organic cotton for optimal wicking support, with a dual parallel vertical coil structure to fully utilized the heating element to its advantage. The result is a convenient replacement coil with fantastic flavors and efficient vapor production for added durability to the incredible Uwell Rafale Tank.

0.2 ohm Parallel 316L Stainless Steel (60W-120W)
0.5 ohm Parallel 316L Stainless Steel (40W-80W)
0.1 ohm Parallel Ni200 Nickel (200 to 350 Degrees Celsius)

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