Suorin Air Starter Kit

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Suorin Air is the typical design of most devices in vaping technology, the Suorin Air requires a double take at first glance. Featuring a compact design and slender composition, the Suorin Air offers convenience to a whole new level. No longer do users have to worry about a bulky unit taking up space in pockets or purses. Measuring in at 43mm × 8mm × 86mm at a mere 35g, this device is the ultimate on-the-go unit in terms of compact size. The aluminum chassis offers great rigidity while still maintaining the lightweight characteristic. Designed to be an all-in-one unit, the Suorin Air features an internal 400mAh battery and an interchangeable 2mL tank which fits seamlessly flush with the entire device, going almost unnoticeable.

Premium Quality Control
Compact Design
Slender Structure
Ultra Thin Configuration
Aluminum Chassis
Dimensions: 43*8*86mm
2mL Tank Capacity
Net Weight: 35g
All-In-One Device
400mAh Internal Battery
On/Off Switch
Indicator Light
Portable Size
Micro USB Port.

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