Stokes STRIP 5% Disposable Device - 4000 Puffs - 5 Pack

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Brand : Stokes
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Aloe Grape ICE
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Black Current ICE
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Blue Razz ICE
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Cool Mint
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Guava Watermelon
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Honeydew Pineapple
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Mango Melon
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Passion Fruit ICE
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Sour Apple ICE
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Watermelon Bubble Gum
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Watermelon Candy
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Stokes Strip 5% Disposable Device - 4000 Puffs


Black Current Ice: a mix of delicious tangy berry flavors blended into an icy menthol.

Aloe Grape Ice: Refreshing aloe vera paired with sweet grapes and a menthol icy finish.

Mulberry: a unique blend of delicious Japanese tea leafs with a berry smooth aroma.

Watermelon Candy: a unique blend of delicious Japanese tea leafs with a berry smooth aroma.

Guava Watermelon: Tropical mix of exotic fruits blended into a shake.

Passion Fruit Ice: Bursting of tropical, citrus-like flavors of its orange pulp aromatic and tropical tasting fruit when exhaling vapor tastes like delicious juice.

Sour Apple Ice: Fresh juicy sour apple candy bursting with icy menthol that’s tart, tangy, cool and delicious.

HoneyDew Pineapple: Sweet and delicious fruit bowl of honey dew and pineapple slices dripping with terps.

Blue Razz Ice: Freshly picked blue raspberry flavors with a hint of icy frozen coolness that will leave yours taste buds bursting with flavor.

Watermelon Bubble Gum: Sweet candy watermelon chewing gum flavors bursting in your mouth with every hit.

Mango Melon: a mix of Aloe Vera pulp and juicy sweet mangos blended with slices of amazing melon into a tropical drink, reminds you if you are in a tropical rainforest.

Cool Mint: icy mixed refreshing mint aroma of smooth flavor.


4000 puffs
5ct. Display Box
Mesh coil
Pre-Filled with 7mL of Nicotine Salt E-Liquid
Nicotine Salt: 5.0%
Integrated 1100Mah
Nice box shape design
Pre-Charged - Simply Puff on the Device to Activate
Compact, Lightweight, and Portable

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