Ooze STEAMBOAT Silicone Bubbler

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Brand : Ooze
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The Steamboat Silicone Glass Bubbler is the aquatic-inspired piece you've been missing in your collection. Featuring multiple glass chambers, the Steamboat is durable and built with a strong borosilicate glass that is protected by a heat-resistant silicone sleeve.

It's great for both CBD and hemp flower and concentrates, so you can use it as either a bong or a dab rig! We include all the accessories you need to change between options with ease. It even features a small magnet on the down stem to hold your sticky dabber or keep your lighter on hand at all times.

Quartz Banger
Borosilicate Glass Bowl
Silicone Stem
Red, Yellow & Green Rasta Tie-Dye Silicone
Aqua Teal Silicone
Bright Green Silicone
Downstem Magnet

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