Solace SALT E-Liquids - 30ML

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Brand : Solace
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Solace Salts uses the same nicotine found in 99% of vapor juices altered to increase efficacy. Solace Salts hosts an array of fantastic flavors that cover the spectrum of customer's preferences. Smooth and satisfying, from fruits to mints to the greatest tobaccos, the range will satisfy all of your high nicotine, small device needs.

Butterscotch - Inspired by European bakeries and developed and handcrafted in the heart of Southern California, Solace's unique Butterscotch flavoring will have you aching for every last drop.
Creamy Tobacco - Creamy Tobacco is flavor with development spanning across multiple brands, collaborations, and nearly three years...we've mastered the recipe. Creamy, nutty, custard tobacco. Perfected for all vapers!
Neked Peach Rings - Try something new with Neked Peach Rings. Based on the unique candy flavor, Neked Peach Rings is a sweet, refreshing and cool peach based flavor that will keep you coming back for more.
Strawberry Hardcandy - An instant Solace Vapor classic, Strawberry Hardcandy combines the sizzling sweet candies of your youth with the raw sweetness of a strawberry flavoring fresh from the field.
Vanilla Bean - Vanilla Bean is named specifically for its taste. Not like standard vanilla, Vanilla Bean embodies the rich boldness reminiscent of the smooth, full taste of your favorite, leading vanilla bean ice creams.
Dragonthol - A minty flavor designed to replicate and appease the appetite of the every day menthol lovers. After trying this mint and fruit fusion you're sure not going to want to pick up another menthol cigarette product.
Jefe/Bold Tobacco - A true tobacco flavor with a sweet twist. Reminiscent of the smoothness and boldness of traditional tobacco.
Latte - Your morning cup of coffee with a blend of sweetness and cream.
Mango - A sweet and rich mango flavor that is perfect for anyone who enjoys fruit filled e-liquids.
Mint - Refreshing mint flavoring and a creamy exhale with every puff.
Peppermint Patty  - A high-quality mint fusion of conventional evergreen leaves with a rich, but light mint chocolate after bite. An excellent choice for those cool days on the Ski Lift.
Red Hot - A spin on the traditional red hot candies. Cinnamon rich candy with a kick in every puff.
Lemonade - A sweet and refreshing lemonade flavor perfect after a long day.

Size: 30mL
Nic Level: 50MG.

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