Salt Factory SALT E-Liquids - 30ML

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Brand : Air Factory
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Salt Factory E-Liquid a little bit of salt will not destroy your favorite vaping experience. Salt Factory is introducing a collection of four salt e liquids that will probably give most of us a better vaping time than when vaping using regular e liquids. All four salt e liquids include salt based nicotine that offers an amazing throat hit. This might sound scary, but it simply means that the flavors in the salt e liquids will be more powerful, allowing you to taste each one in its entirety. Salt Factory created two blends that they decided to mix with menthol. Now you can try Iced Chee, which combines the exotic lychee fruit with the chilling menthol flavor that usually makes everything taste ten times better.


You can also try the Crisp Apple salt e-liquid that almost reminds you of your favorite apple pastry, but it suddenly freezes because you somehow landed in the Arctic. Right when you think Salt Factory is going to incorporate Menthol in all their salt e liquids, it gives you Blue Razz. This salt based nicotine blend satisfies your sweet tooth craving while helping you avoid a trip to the dentist. Last, but not least, you get a mysterious blend that Salt Factory is not telling us what it is made of. A couple hints were dropped, but nothing is officially confirmed. I guess that one you will have to try for yourself to find out why many individuals are going crazy over it. Salt Factory does not really disappoint when it comes to introducing new blends, so why will they start now? Give them a try and it will not surprise us if you come out falling in love with one of these salt e liquids. Each is available in the generous amount of 30ml. Which salt e-liquid will satisfy your craving?


Mystery - A Mysterious blend of fruity taffy that will keep you guessing.
Iced Chee - Refreshing blend of lychee and exotic fruits served on ice.
Crisp Apple - Sweet and Crisp Apples blasted with menthol.
Blue Razz - Gushing Blue Raspberry taffy that you just can't get enough of


Size: 30mL
Nic Level: 35mg, 50mg.

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