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Pressed Bud Wraps King Size Cones:- RAW Pressed Bud Wraps are pre-rolled cones made from post-extraction cannabis material! These cones are made of the same type of natural material that will eventually be packed inside, creating a seamless, flavorful experience.

Classic Acacia Gum Strips:- These Raw Classic Acacia Gum Strips are completely coated in natural acacia gum and are perfect for patching holes and tears in RYO cigs and for creating intricate custom rolls! No more wasting a whole paper just for the gum strip to make repairs. Keep these gum strips with you whenever you’ll need to roll up a fancy cig or a joint using your own rolling papers.

Black Classic King Size Slim Papers:- These Raw Black Classic Rolling Papers are unique, unbleached artisan papers double pressed and extra-fine- the thinnest ever made! Papers contain a blend of non-chlorinated fibers and are finished with a natural hemp gumline to match the burn rate of the rolling paper.

Classic Lean Cones: preroll cones are unique: They're designed to provide a different flavor by reducing the surface area of the burn (the ember). We have a small but dedicated following of Blazers that swear that this is the ultimate smoking experience. These pre rolled cones are the same length as the Classic King size, but much leaner. 

Available Types:
Classic | Organic Hemp | Classic - Black Series


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