Ooze Drought Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit

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The Ooze Drought Dry Herb Vaporizer is compact and easy to use. Small, discreet, and flameless, you can select your desired temperature on the screen, from 320°F to 410°F. The 4 inch vape pen offers two hour battery life, continuous run time of 30 minutes, automatic shut-off and five minute run times, a clear digital screen, micro USB charger and much more.

Drought Vaporizer Pen- Silicone Mouthpiece
Cleaning Brush
Packing Tool
Micro USB Cable
Anodized Chamber
Air-Heating Technology
Less than 30sec heating up time
Adjustable temp 320°F - 410°F
Temperature Mode option C° to F°
Compact 4” tall
2hr Battery life
Automatic shut off 5minute run time
Micro USB charging
Auto Shut Off count-down
Clear Digital Screen
Battery capacity 1650 mAh

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