Killa Fruits SALTS E-Liquids - 30ML

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Brand : Killa Fruits
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Killa Fruits Salt Nic E-Liquid expresses their choices in fruit pairings combined with salt nicotine to make a praiseworthy line of killer e liquids. They kill the game, in terms of the competitor's attempts to outdo their perfect pairs of the most popular fruits.

Watermelon Strawberry - The makers of this Watermelon Strawberry surely knew what they were doing when they paired the most refreshing melon flavor with the king of the berries. This e-liquid radiates exuberant ripeness and natural sugar of a fruity monster that will conquer your precious palate and entrance your taste buds.

Blue Raspberry - Blue Raspberry by Killa Fruits Salt Nic E-Liquid kills any hankering you have for a bold, fruity flavor emitted through your vaping device. You’re a berry lover but you don’t prefer to settle for the simple strawberry or basic blueberry. You need a little boldness blasted into your berry flavor.

Red Apple Peach - The makers of this e-liquid pay homage to the symbol of healthy living while also enjoying a sweet snack. They include the wholesome and consistently pleasing properties of the bright red apple.

Kiwi Strawberry - The tiniest member of the melon family packs a strong punch of tropical tartness with a citrus twist. The kiwi alone could give you an enriched vaping experience that would fully satisfy your fruity desperation.

Size: 60mL
Nic Level: 50MG.



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