Killa Fruits E-Liquids - 100ML

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Killa Fruits E-Liquid produces high-quality products that will please both your taste buds and your mods. Its amazing formula performs beautifully, killing the game with their fruit flavors that are jam-packed with bold, vibrant intensity. One puff of their flavor will make you jump and dance as soon as it hits you with its impactful essence. The different combinations will blow your mind that is for sure. Also, their creativity and effective way of creating cohesive blends that work together seamlessly will make this line your go-to for fresh juices. One of the exciting things about Killa Fruits E-Liquid is their ability to keep their powerful blends strong without being abrasive. They are all concocted with a masterfully designed formula that keeps the juices feeling smooth with just the right amount of throat hit. Your collection is not truly complete unless you have a number of different fruity blends to help you find refreshment, energy, and revitalization in your day to day routines. It's time to vape, you know what to reach for!

Watermelon Strawberry - Mouthwatering strawberries collide with sweet juicy watermelon.
Blue Raspberry - A delicious blue raspberry.
Kiwi Strawberry - The perfect combo yet, Two fruits that complement each other so well fresh strawberries and kiwi.
Red Apple Peach - A perfect balance of red apple on the inhale and Lucious peach on the exhale.

70/30 VG/PG
Size: 100mL

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