Large Herb Grinder with Kief Catcher with Assorted Design

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RAZOR SHARP TEETH: 33 diamond shaped teeth designed for crushing your favorite herbs and medication perfectly,consistently and effortlessly with just a couple of twists. It is so simple to use ,even your friends will love it! With the pollen scrapper included, collecting the finest grounded material is such a breeze!
Herb Grinder has diamond-shaped, precision razor-sharp teeth for easy grinding of your herbs. Produces a medium grind.

Features roomy chambers.
Includes a screen for collecting kief or pollen plus a scraper tool.
Aluminum alloy with elegant scratch-resistant durable finish. Easy to grip lid.
Screen layer can be removed for collapsible, travel-size grinder.
Super-strong magnet top. Top has a high quality super glossy design with a crystal-clear shiny domed polyurethane protection layer. Comes to you in a convenient little box for gifting.

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