Finest SALTS E-Liquids - 30ML

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Brand : Finest
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Flavor/Nic Level30 MG50 MG
Apple Peach Sour Rings
55 in stock
48 in stock
Apple Pearadise
89 in stock
83 in stock
Apple Pearadise Menthol
96 in stock
95 in stock
Banana Menthol
86 in stock
82 in stock
Berry Blast
44 in stock
84 in stock
Berry Blast Menthol
73 in stock
68 in stock
Blue Berries Lemon Swirl
68 in stock
70 in stock
Blue Berries Lemon Swirl Menthol
62 in stock
75 in stock
Blue Razz Menthol
65 in stock
59 in stock
Cotton Clouds
84 in stock
79 in stock
Cotton Clouds Menthol
82 in stock
80 in stock
Grape Menthol
85 in stock
89 in stock
Green Apple Citrus
88 in stock
77 in stock
Green Apple Citrus Menthol
84 in stock
90 in stock
Honeydew Menthol
75 in stock
71 in stock
Lemon Custard
81 in stock
87 in stock
Lemon Lush
53 in stock
76 in stock
Lemon Lush Menthol
83 in stock
87 in stock
Lush Menthol
78 in stock
74 in stock
Mango Berry
64 in stock
72 in stock
Mango Berry Menthol
50 in stock
61 in stock
Peach Menthol
88 in stock
94 in stock
Pineapple Menthol
87 in stock
91 in stock
Straw Melon Sour Belts
45 in stock
79 in stock
Straw Melon Sour Belts Menthol
47 in stock
74 in stock
Strawberry Chew
63 in stock
84 in stock
Strawberry Custard
72 in stock
73 in stock
Strawberry Lemonade Menthol
91 in stock
92 in stock
Strawberry Menthol
85 in stock
84 in stock
Vanilla Almond Custard
66 in stock
73 in stock

Apple Pearadise:
A cornucopia of mouthwatering fruits, Apple Pearadise embodies the careful balance of sweet, fruity, and the perfect amount of punch you’ve come to expect from a premium-grade Salt Nic. Expect an exquisite blend of crispy ripe apples on the inhale, with a tinge of pear on the exhale that is every bit subtle as it is prevailing. A signature juice truly worthy of our namesake.
Apple Peach Rings:
A pocket-sized version of our original Apple Peach Rings that packs the same punch! Expect a balanced fusion of mouthwatering apples and peaches on the inhale, and just the touch of sour on the exhale, this mix epitomizes the definition of sweet and sour in flavored Salt Nic form.
Banana Menthol:
Welcome to the Banana Bonanza! Banana Menthol combines ripe yellow bananas off the peel and cool burst of minty freshness.
Berry Blast:
The pocket-sized version of our delectable berry blend that unites a whimsical pairing of tart and sweetness. Salt Nic Berry Blast has an exceptional flavor profile that captures nuances from a myriad of colored berries, such as strawberries, raspberries, & a hint of blackberries. This iconic Salt Nic flavor immediately commands the attention of its audience upon first taste.
Blue-Berries Lemon Swirl Menthol:
Blue-Berries Lemon Swirl Menthol by Finest Sweet and Sour is a menthol infused formulation of refreshing blueberries, blue raspberry, and lemon sour that delivers a sensationally distinctive flavor profile in Salt Nic form you have to know and love.
Cotton Clouds:
Ready to get lifted? Cotton Clouds is the pocket rocket you’re looking for – an
immaculate reimagining of the cotton candy classic in Salt Nic form.
Blue Razz Menthol:
Blue Razz Menthol takes you back to those hot summer days sipping on a refreshingly ice cold blue slushie.
Grape Menthol:
Sweet juicy grapes harvested when they're most ripe for an unimaginably great taste and vape.
Honeydew Menthol:
Honeydew Menthol is a sensational coupling of fresh honeydew melon and chilly icicles for a stimulating mixture of sweetness with a touch of menthol.
Lemon Lush:
Feel the rush of Lemon Lush – a perfect pairing of tarty lemons and mouthwatering
watermelons reminiscent of your favorite yellow gummy candy.
Mango Berry Menthol:
Beat the heat with this minty fresh all-time classic, a unique flavor that embodies pure vaping bliss. With the perfect pairing of orange mangoes, bright red strawberries, and the cool kick of menthol, Mango Berry Menthol is sure to keep you frosty all year long.
Straw Melon Sour Belts Menthol:
Chill out with Straw Melon Sour Belts Menthol by Finest Sweet and Sour Menthol, a frigid reimagination of our classic strawberry and watermelon sour for a lip-smacking combination of sweet, sour, and minty freshness.
Vanilla Almond Custard :
An instant fan favorite, Vanilla Almond Custard is a nostalgic blend that fuses the flawless pairing of luscious vanilla beans, creamy custard, and a slight hint of almonds for a well-rounded vaping experience.

The Finest SALT NIC Series Features:
30mL Unicorn Bottle
Child Resistant Cap
50% PG
50% VG
Nicotine Salts Formulation
Crafted For Ultra-Low Wattage & Pod-Based System
Available 30mg, 50mg



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