EZEE STICK 5k LIMITED Disposable Device 5% - 5000 Puffs - 10 Pack

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Brand : EZEE
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The EZEE STICK 5k LIMITED Disposable vape Pod is one of the 1st LOW NICOTINE Disposable on the market! Choose from 30mg or 50mg!

Pre-filled with an unbelievable 13ml of e-liquid, which can last up to 5000 puffs! It is one of the most long-lasting vape bars on the market today! This device also features a 1000mAh rechargeable battery.

EZEE STICK 5k LIMITED Disposable Features:
Limited Edition Design
Nicotine salt is 5%
5000 Puffs Per Device
Mesh Coil
Tactile Finish.Wider Mouthpiece.
Rechargeable with Type C cable included
Lightweight & Durable

Peachy Peach
Imagine biting in to a juicy sweet peach and having the juice run down the side of your mouth.
Fiji Island
Pineapple, coconut and crisp apple - uniquely satisfying flavor.
Maui Sun
Invigorating blend of tantalizing tropical fruits - sweet and sour with juicy pineapples, tangy oranges and sweet tangerines.
Strawberry Pom
Succulent strawberries and tart kiwi, sprinkled with earthy pomegranate.
Lava Glow
Tangy pineapple, sweet coconut and succulent strawberry - don’t mind if I do!
Arctic Freeze
Cool spearmint on the inhale, sweet peppermint on the exhale - how dey do dat?
Banana Crush
Delicious ripe bananas with succulent strawberries finished with a touch of menthol reminiscent of a frozen fruit smoothie.
Mango Madness
Enjoy the tropical madness of this mango smoothie.


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