ALPSVAPE GR8 Vape Pens Kit

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ALPSVAPE GR8 Vape Pens Kit:

The GR8 battery is compatible with most Pods on the market.
Air-driven inhale System.
LED Light Indicator Screen.
capacity: 400mah
Work way: Touch
tank conpecity:0.5ml
atomizer material: Ceramic
Charging time:  aroud 1 hour
Output power: 7W-17.5W
Remark:  Only compatible with coil resistance over 1.0Ω


1, Touch sensor control with vibration.
2, Vibration alert for successful touching
3, 2 touches to preheat
4, 3 touches to adjust the volyage----2.7V 3.7V 4.2V
5, 5 touches to turn on/off

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